外贸工作中,邮件往复是最基本的工作状态了,与客户不间断的持续沟通,意味着我们已经在步步接近订单,然而,最令我们头痛的也往往就是回盘,很多时候,我们回盘后,左等右等,还是等不到客户的回复。In foreign trade, e-mail communication is the most basic part of this work. Continuous communication with customers means that we are already approaching the orders. However, the biggest headache is also this part. Sometimes, we cannot get the customer's reply even after long wait.很多人开始琢磨,"这大概是客户太忙,还没有读我的邮件。" 最初都是在E-mail后台或Foxmail中设置已读回执,后来又琢磨琢磨,不对呀,客户如果每次只读邮件,不点“已读回执”,这还有个鸟用?!Therefore, many people begin to ponder over such problem , " Maybe the clients are just too busy with work, no extra time for reading my e-mails." So they set requests for read receipts in the e-mail system or the Foxmail. But soon after that, they begin to realize that this doesn't work if the cients don't click the requests for read receipts after reading the e-mails.于是,很多人开始去网络上搜寻自主邮件追踪程序或插件。So, many people go find some e-mail tracking programs or plugins. 于是很多人开始完全依赖于此类工具,并深深地相信,客户就是还没读取邮件而已,早晚会回复的,我再repost几次follow一下没准就回复我了。So many people put all their hope on this method and deeply believe that the only reason they haven't got the feedback is because the clients haven't read their e-mails.很多人一般是这么继续跟进的:Many people make the follow-ups as below:hi, Bright, ① Have you read my last e-mail?② Reminder!③ Repost!④ Any Updates/feedback?⑤ What else do you need?⑥ Is the price ok?⑦ Can I get the order?... ...然后,一星期又过去了,终于按奈不住,去打电话,可是客户连电话都不接,你顿时失去了跟进的方向,茫然不知所措。Then another week pass, they suddenly realize that they cannot wait any more. They go call their clients, however, the clients do not let them in.Then they lose their way of follow-up.Mike承认,这的确是其中一个最为普遍的可能性原因。但是大哥大姐们,如果客户一连三五天不搭理你,打电话也不接,那就真的说明这个问题并非如此简单了.I have to admit that this is the most common reason why your clients haven't replied you. But, you've got to understand that this matter may not be so easy as you believe. 哪里出了问题?What is the core problem?一定是谈判出了问题!!!The Negotiation!先不说具体内容,就单纯从题目上看,一些文章也大概阐述了,究竟该如何跟进才会更容易得到客户的回复甚至订单,没错,针对性!!!价值!!!引导!!!Regardless of the content, you may understand how to make the follow-ups even from the titles. Targeted! ! ! Valued! ! ! Guided! ! !如果不能解决我的问题或者达不到我的要求,那么便是不具备针对性,没有价值,毫无引导力,那么这次谈判便是失败的,客户只会无动于衷!!!It is not targeted, valued, or guided if you cannot solve my problem or reach my demand. Then this negotiation fail. The clients will make no response.如果你的邮件只是以“客户问一句,你答一句”的方式在进行,那不叫谈判,那叫“朗读”!It is not “negotiation” but “Recitation”if you just keep answering the question from your clients.我们不妨来用一下逆向思维,仔细思考,如果你是客户,你会因为什么原因回复卖家的邮件?Let's think it over with reverse thinking method. If you are the clients, what reasons it may be you reply to the sellers' e-mails?1、产品质量优越 Superior Product Quality能够为客户减少售后麻烦(目标客户群体的售后)或产品自行使用过程中的各种问题(主维修成本)。It will reduce the after-sales troubles for the clients (The after-sales service for the targeted customer group) or various problemd in use (maintenance cost).2、产品外形功能强悍Great Shapes or Powerful Functions独特的外形或实用的功能能够让客户的产品在市场上脱颖而出,为客户市场拓展增加助力。The unique shapes or practical functions can make the customer's products stand out in the market and contribute to the customers' market expansion.3、产品价格okFair Price为客户节约采购成本,以较低的成本买到相对合适的产品,或可预见未来潜在的利益。It will save a lot for clients on purchasing cost, to buy a suitable product at a relativelylower price with potential benefits in the future.4、卖家实力雄厚Powerful-Strength Background公司规模不错,对于买家而言,可信度较强。就像你在沃尔玛联合商家买东西,绝对不用担心什么。The Powerful-Strength Background will increase the clients' confidence and trust. Just like you don't need to worry about anything after you pay at WAL-MART joint venture .5、各种品质证书齐全Various Quality Certificates 质量有保障,不用担心产品过于垃圾,销路闭塞,丢掉市场。The quality is 1000% guaranteed, the clients do not need to worry whether the received products are too bad to ruin their markets.6、业务沟通专业Professonal Communication谈单的核心其实就是解决问题。业务员在于客户沟通的过程中,对于产品讲解非常到位,并且能够帮助客户解决各种疑虑和想要解决的问题,客户能感受到业务员的人格魅力和专业度,会增加好感与购买意向。The core of communication is to solve the  clients' existing questions or problems. It may increase the clients'purchasing desire over the products and satisfaction over your service if you can solve most problems from thethe clients with excellent product presentation.7、方案合理到位Reasonable Proposal业务员在谈判过程中,言辞使用恰当得体有力度,能够说服客户。但一切都是基于有价值、可执行的、合适的方案。否则,客户根本不会妥协。You mayconvince the clients with the appropriate words during the negotiation process. But everything is based on a valuable, actionable, and appropriate solution. Otherwise, the customer will not compromise at all.还有很多人每次回复客户的邮件都写的老长老长的,自我感觉良好,“看吧,我英语多厉害,老外一定会折服的”,殊不知,这已经犯了大忌:Many people reply to the clients with pretty long e-mail and believe that the clients will absolutely compromise after seeing their awesome english writings. However, they haven't realized that some biggest mistakes have been made.1、商务邮件旨在达意,力求精简Business e-mails aim to convey complete ideas with shortest words.邮件写得太长,对方会看得很累,思维也会跟着你的文字左窜右钻,阅读过后会造成大脑的相对混乱,反而闹不清你究竟想要表达什么,想要让客户做什么。The long content may make the readers very tired. Also, it may bring them a lot of confusion in head when reading your e-mail. The final result may not be so good. They may get nothing from it.2、谈判重在解决问题,而不是长篇大论Don't talk too much, talk about the core problem.每一封邮件的书写,其目的都是为了解决客户提出的疑问或谈妥我们不愿意接受的客户提出的点;如果通篇冗长,文字无法get到点上,写的再长,那也是满篇废话。The aim of your e-mails is to provide the clients with practical&reasonable solutions over their questions and problems, and convince the clients over the terms that has not yet been settled.It's nothing but rubbish if your words cannot reach to the main points no matter how long your e-mail is. 3、英文书写欠佳,词不达意Poor English Writing With Inaccurate Words中文思维不好,无法缕清事实或方案脉络,或者即便中文想好了如何去跟客户沟通,当把这些想法写成英文后,又毫无代入感和力度,让客户看了也没什么兴趣或反映。You cannot have a good english writing if you your thinking in Chinese is not so good. Even if your words in Chinese has been organized perferctly, it become powerless after you translate them into english.The result is, it cannot arouse the clients' interest.你该关注的是,如何做好以上的各个点,让自己的邮件get到点上,有力度,有价值,有引导!!!Be Targeted! ! ! Be Valued! ! ! Be Guided! ! !PS:再多说一句,很多人觉得谈判没什么用,一直希望有什么开发客户模板呀回复询盘技能,其实这些都是谈判所包含的内容,如果你掌握了谈判的技能,那么让老外和你做生意不是问题。

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